Thursday, November 24, 2011

Surprisingly colourful

Brisingid (sea star)
Before the cruise and my first look at ROV images, I thought that the deep-sea world would range from light grey to dark grey.

I was wrong! From the bright red urchins to pale green, yellow, orange, red and purple corals, this place is full of different colours!
We saw small bright pink crabs, pink lobsters, snow-white and orange sea stars and … fish in disguise!

Centriscops humerosus

We met this funny looking fish during our ROV dives at Melville. It is a banded yellowfish ... real name Centriscops humerosus.
It is from the same group of fish as sea horses. Any resemblance?

Centriscops humerosus

We can find it at this range of latitude all around the southern hemisphere (Southeast Atlantic: South Africa; Southwest Atlantic: Argentina. Southwest pacific: Australia and New Zealand). Its depth range is usually 450 – 700m.

Unknown octocoral with brittlestar

Anthomastus sp. (coral)

Lepidion sp.